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Now forget about the jeans you wore before, once you shop with us you’ll come right back wanting to shop for more!


Pants Towne has been serving our local customers, as well as guests from around the world in our Tyrone Square Mall location since 1973. We have built the reputation as one of the most well-known retailers for Levi’s Denim Jeans in all of Florida. Though we’re officially PANTS TOWNE, we answer to a range of names which our customers have thought up. You may hear us referred to as ‘The Jeans Store in Tyrone Mall’, ‘The Levi’s Store* in Tyrone Mall’, ‘The Converse Store** in Tyrone Mall’, ‘The Levi’s and Converse Store’, ‘The Store With The Funny Shirts’, ‘The Old Levi’s Store In The Mall’… among other names.  Now, much of our merchandise is available for online ordering too!

We feature top name brands including Levi Strauss • Guy Harvey • Dickies • Bob Marley Salt LifeSwamp PeopleSinful • David & Goliath • Affliction • Yak-Pak • Burnside • The Mountain, and many others, PLUS we have one of the largest assortments of graphic tees and funny quotes t-shirts available in-store and online.

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*Pants Towne is an independent retailer of Levi’s brands, but our store is not owned or managed by Levi Strauss and Co., or subsidiaries thereof.

**Pants Towne is an independent retailer of Converse brands, but our store is not owned or managed by Converse Inc., or subsidiaries thereof.