People are always asking, “Why is a T-Shirt website called Pants Towne?” as though we do not sell Pants.
However, the truth is we DO! Just not online. For 42 years we’ve been serving the Pant and Shirt needs of St.Petersburg Florida.
Operating out of our home base in Tyrone Square Mall, we carry over 1,000 shirts and every pair of Levi’s Jeans you could ever need.
It doesn’t end there! We carry a wide number of popular brands. Dickies, Salt Life and Guy Harvey to name a few.
After 42 years of selling pants, we have no desire to change our name! We. Are. Pants Towne!
~Pants Towne

Thank you …Steve Knows



Don’t forget to check out the rest of  The Mountain Brand‘s inventory! We are adding more each and every day, but if you find a certain Mountain shirt you like somewhere else, show us and we’ll order it!

We feature top name brands including Levi StraussGuy HarveyDickiesBob Marley Salt LifeAffliction  • BurnsideThe Mountain, and many others, PLUS we have one of the largest assortments of graphic tees and funny quotes t-shirts available in-store and online.



*Pants Towne is an independent retailer of Levi’s brands, but our store is not owned or managed by Levi Strauss and Co., or subsidiaries thereof.

**Pants Towne is an independent retailer of Converse brands, but our store is not owned or managed by Converse Inc., or subsidiaries thereof.